Serene Soul 

Group Classes Coming Soon!

*Reiki I and II

*Reiki Sharing Circle

*How To Trust Your Intuition

*Mindful Meditation

*Vision Boards and You

*The Power of Positivity

*Book Club

*Women's Wisdom and Empowerment Circle

This "Serene Soul" comes from at least four generations of intuitive healers and light workers. Her abilities were apparent in her early childhood. She is a born leader and optimist truly believing in the power of love and intention. She embraces her Divine calling to assist others in their life's journey.

Karen maintains wisdom, knowledge and certifications in psychic and intuitive development, angel card reading and therapy, music and sound healing, mediumship and energy healing.  She is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher. As a Christian spiritualist, she believes in the power of prayer calling upon Divine and universal forces for the greatest good of all.