Serene Soul 

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that therapist can channel energy into the client by mean of touch or placing their hands just above the client in their energy field. This activates the natural healing processes of the body to restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is for everyone.  Research shows that Reiki can reduce pain and revitalize the body's own natural healing systems.  Karen is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher.  

Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Disclaimer:  Per California State Law SB 577, Serene Soul associates and Karen are not licensed physicians/psychologists. Rather, Reiki and all other spiritual healing services are complementary and alternative healing techniques that do not require licensing in the State of California.

*** Please seek the advice of a medical professional for all health-related concerns.*** 


Intuitive Life Coaching*

10 minutes conSOULtation........FREE

45 minutes.....$100                                     

60 minutes.....$125

Intuitive Reading*

15 minutes.....$30

30 minutes.....$60

45 minutes.....$80


Reiki or Energy Healing Session                       

30 minutes.....$80

60 minutes.....$100

With Essential Oils...add $15 



Meditation With Guided Imagery*

​30 minutes.....$60

​60 minutes.....$125

Music & Sound Therapy*

30 minutes...$50

​60 minutes...$80

*Indicates available online